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Download True Jackson Vp Episodes Free ((INSTALL))

True Jackson VP is a teenage sitcom that is broadcasted on popular TV networks, Nickelodeon and Teen Nick. The show features a talented cast of teenage and adult actors including: Keke Palmer, Ashley Argota, Matt Shively, Danielle Bisutti, Greg Proops, Robbie Amell and Ron Butler. This show is targeted to 10 to 18 years old looking for a good laugh. The plot of True Jackson VP is about True Jackson (played by Keke Palmer) an aspiring fashion designer who started out selling sandwiches and ended up being the next teenage VP for Mad Style, a fashion empire. She is 15 years old and has the strong desire to be a fashion designer. She was found by Max Madigan, a fashion designer who created an empire, while she was selling sandwiches. Max saw that true was wearing one of his outfits, but something was different. True had changed the buttons from black to bright orange. Max thought that True would make the perfect Vice President for his teen fashion line. During the show, True and her two best friends, Lulu and Ryan, must deal with the stress of being teenagers in a grown up world. The characters of True Jackson VP include:True Jackson: An aspiring fashion designer who suddenly becomes the vice president for a large fashion empire. True is responsible and wise, but her friends get her into her fair share of predicaments. True is committed to staying in this company, despite everyone wanting her out. Lulu: Lulu is True's female best friend who becomes True's new assistant. She is sweet and fun loving, but Lulu gets True into a lot of trouble because of her carefree attitude. In the end, Lulu always does the right thing. Ryan: True and Lulu's male best friend who is lazy and tech savvy. Ryan is portrayed as the dumb friend and he can get himself into trouble at every opportunity that he gets. Max Madigan: A famous designer who established Mad Style and is responsible for making True's dreams come true. He has a crazy wacky personality and is very sweet, but can get to crazy. Amanda Campbell: The antagonist of the show, Amanda is jealous of True from the moment she walks into Mad Style. But deep in her heart, Amanda grows fond of true. She is your typical fashionista, snotty attitude and all.

Download True Jackson Vp Episodes Free

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