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[S3E3] Supply Lines ((TOP))

A sinister voice responds, suggesting that it was because Danas couldn't keep her mouth shut or handle herself, putting him in danger himself. They will need to adjust their supply lines, and he will no longer require her services. There is a gasp and a gurgling sound, and Orym kicks the door frantically, joined by Ashton. They eventually manage to batter it down.

[S3E3] Supply Lines

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Asleep at home, Imogen dreams of walking through the green fields of her home village of Gelvaan. At the same time, Bertrand is wandering through the streets of the Core Spire and ducks into a side alley to relieve himself. He notices a shadowed figure standing there, which slowly approaches. Bertrand draws his rapier as the pale dwarf's voice tells him to move deeper into the alley. When he declines, in a flash of unnatural speed the dwarf moves, stabbing Bertrand twice. Bertrand lets out a "Caw!" and falls unconscious.

On episode 8, Davis advises Tariq on the best way to protect himself against Jenny, and Saxe questions what lines Davis crossed in doing so. Meanwhile, tension and worry fills the air when Carrie begin to realize that some of >> 041b061a72

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