100 Women Leadership & Lifestyle Conference 2024

Hosted by Porscha Anderson, Kesha Kent & Anna Ortiz-Aragon

Leadership and Lifestyle Conference for Non-Traditional Professional Women and Entrepreneurs

The Leadership and Lifestyle Conference is a transformative event uniquely designed for professional women and entrepreneurs who embody non-traditional roles and paths. This conference aims to empower these trailblazers to lead with authenticity and integrity in their respective fields.

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The Intention & Vision

The conference offers a blend of keynote speeches, interactive workshops, and networking sessions, all in a supportive environment that champions the value of diversity in leadership. Attendees will leave equipped with practical tools and an empowered mindset to thrive in their careers and personal lives.

Keynote Speakers

Porscha Anderson

Award winning business strategist, consultant, speaker, author & activator.

Kesha Kent

High-energy speaker, published author, DEI & talent strategist.

Anna Ortiz-Aragon

Business, life coach & sound healer focused on mental health & wellness first.

Key Focus Areas:

Authentic Leadership: 

  • Tailored sessions to inspire attendees to embrace their unique leadership styles, fostering an environment where non-traditional approaches are celebrated.

Mindset and Mental Health: 

  • Workshops and talks focusing on the importance of a healthy mindset and robust mental health, recognizing these as critical components of successful leadership.

Wealth Building:

  • Strategies not just for financial growth, but for cultivating wealth in all life areas - personal, professional, emotional, and physical.

Expanding Networks: 

  • Opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals, facilitating the growth of a supportive and resourceful community.
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100 Women Lifestyle & Leadership Conference

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